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A Simpler Life Is the Ultimate Freedom


A Simpler Life Is the Ultimate Freedom

Higher Practice

Most people long for less busyness, fewer things, a shorter to-do list, and more time to focus on what truly brings them joy.

Embracing a simple life is difficult to do in our society, but can also completely change a person’s life. It can grant you freedom you’ve never experienced before.

Imagine freedom from chronic fear, freedom from excessive worry, freedom from overwhelm, guilt, depression, and the trappings of a belief that having more will somehow liberate you from your inner struggles.

Simplicity might mean cleaning out your closets and the garage and owning less, spending more time with loved ones rather than at work, taking time for rest, and nurturing your body and soul. Simplicity is about creating a life for yourself that is reflective of your core values.

It is important to remember that there is nothing inherently wrong about material possessions, careers, family, a house, and so forth. Obviously, we need possessions to survive and luxuries to thrive.

The issues arise when you turn toward external factors in order to solve internal problems. By actively choosing to live a simpler life, you can make mindful and deliberate choices about everything from the objects you own, to new purchases you want to make, to the way you perform at work, and how you show up for your family.

Simplicity is revolutionary in our society because it means disengaging from a culture that’s addicted to cars, houses, iPhones, and objects as a way to find short-term relief from and inner struggle of anxiety, stress, and depression. We are taught early on that objects will solve our problems, but really the only problems they can solve are external ones.

In the end of the day we still have to face ourselves.

To simplify one’s life is an acknowledgment that busyness and extreme forms of materialism perpetuate an inward struggle of stress. It’s an unsustainable practice that humans are not hardwired for, even though our culture encourages it.

Simplicity is a brave and revolutionary path, but it’s also a personal choice.

Simplifying your life is a way to rid yourself of excess in favor of focusing on what’s most important to you—so you can find the fulfillment and freedom that you seek.

Simplicity is a practice that can help you….

  • Experience freedom

  • Value contribution over consumption

  • Discover the root cause of discontent and depression

  • Be more creative

  • Live in the moment

  • Reclaim your time

  • Pursue your passions

  • Focus on your mental and physical health

  • Cultivate a spiritual practice

  • Get in touch with nature

  • Deepen relationships with family and friends

  • Connect with your community

  • Rid your home of excess stuff

  • Grow as an individual

  • Find more meaning and purpose in your life

Embracing a life of simplicity will empower you to discover what is non-essential in order to focus on what truly matters. Simplicity allows you to open up to your life’s purpose because you can focus on what truly brings you joy.

Making choices for the sake of simplicity lays a foundation for inner freedom. A simpler schedule and less cluttered home will propel you on a search for happiness not through the ownership of things, but through life itself.