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Individual Counseling - Boulder, CO - Scott Lilleston

I feel passionately that everyone possesses a basic innate goodness and the ability to thrive.

Counseling - Boulder, CO - Scott Lilleston

The human spirit will find healthy, creative, and unique ways of being in the world, when given the right support and a chance to express itself. 

Sometimes, life's circumstances and our reactions to them create limited realities and oftentimes cause us extreme distress. We’ve all experienced varying levels of distress in our lives, but at times we really don’t know how to get beyond it alone. Counseling can be a wonderful support during these times. 
I firmly believe that with enough support and guidance, people can find and fulfill their mission, vision, and soul purpose in this world and heal any disturbances that are in their way. There is no need to remain stuck in unnecessary suffering any longer. I know from personal experience. There were times in my life when I needed outside support to heal and grow, including counseling, and this is why I am so honored to support others in their healing. 
A significant focus of my counseling approach is to help you identify, explore, understand, and move beyond your limiting patterns and beliefs. These patterns frequently manifest themselves in the subtle layers of the body and often remain hidden from the conscious mind. The origins of these patterns are often from childhood, even though many of our life experiences in adulthood can significantly affect our belief systems, emotional wellbeing, and physical wellbeing.

These patterns often manifest themselves as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship challenges
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anger or rage 
  • Low distress tolerance
  • Irritability

Even if you have not had a serious trauma in your life, unresolved childhood issues and everyday stressors can add up and lead to devastating consequences such as the symptoms listed above. 
By working together in counseling, we will collaboratively explore your underlying behaviors, motivations, and patterns, in order to achieve the life you desire. 


My approach to counseling is deeply rooted in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology. Hakomi is built on a foundation of mindfulness, safety, loving presence, and healing relationship, all of which are supportive therapeutic tools.      
Hakomi draws from general systems theory, modern body-centered therapies including Gestalt, Psychomotor, Feldenkrais, Focusing, Neuro-Linguistic programming and fields of neuroscience, trauma and attachment research. It is one of the fastest growing modalities and integrates mindfulness and embodiment into a truly holistic approach to individual therapy. Hakomi is an experiential and somatic (body-centered) therapy that helps people change their habitual responses in the world.

“Hakomi is a path taken by those who work to go beyond the half remembered hurts and failed beliefs that linger unexamined in the mind and body, hurts that act through barely conscious habits and reactions. This work is a part of that heroic labor...” Ron Kurtz, Hakomi Founder                                                     
So often we go through our day on autopilot, not taking the time to identify what we are actually feeling or what our actual needs are. Hakomi focuses on what is happening for the you in the present, at the time of the session. From this place, you learn how to use your awareness to explore your body and mind and how you perceive the world. During this process, you are able to understand your reality with more clarity and able to make lasting positive changes in your life.

“One of the most beautiful aspects of doing Hakomi therapy with Scott Lilleston is the trust I have found in his ability to guide me through deep physical, emotional, and mental experiences with relentless gentleness and compassion. His complete lack of judgment allows me to be vulnerable, both emotionally and physically, and do work that is sometimes painful, sometimes joyful, and almost always surprising.”  Vicki M. Colorado 

Family Systems

My Family Systems approach is influenced by Bert Hellinger's Family Constellation work, as well as teachings I have received from elders in the native american communities I am part of. This approach allows you to reveal problematic dynamics or dis-harmonies in your family blueprint that in general, remain hidden. Through this process there is a potential for a new perspective on how your lineage influenced your life and areas that still need healing. I will guide you through a process to help resolve these family blueprints so you can reach your fullest capacity in your life, career, and relationships.

The Family Systems Approach leaves clients with:

  • A life-changing understanding about themselves and their lineage.
  • A newfound awareness of the underlying dynamics that impact their relationships.
  • Meeting desires and goals that were never achievable before.

You are unique and what you are going through is unique. These are just a couple of the core modalities I work with, but we will collaborate to create an individualized plan that precisely meets your needs. 

Please contact me to schedule to discuss your situation and how I can help.

I had done much healing work for myself to keep my heart open after losing my fiancé to cancer seven years previously, but Scott was able to help me take this process to an even deeper level. Along with his extraordinary ability, Scott creates a setting of safety and trust that has eased me into a whole new level of personal freedom and expansion. Thank you Scott, for putting all of who you are into what you do and for caring so incredibly much.
— Terri Tierney