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Chronic Pain Counseling - Boulder, CO - Scott Lilleston

“It’s hard to see, but pain is both a challenge and an opportunity.” - unknown

It wasn’t until recently that the medical model fully recognized the important role that the mind plays in our experience of pain. This connection is why chronic pain counseling can be so successful. 

Chronic Pain Counseling - Boulder, CO - Scott Lilleston

So often clients seek help from me, because they recognize that their physical challenge with pain is only a part of the problem. They’re longing for a deeper, more holistic healing approach. When this level of commitment to self-healing occurs, the challenges with pain often diminish or completely disappear faster than you could have hoped for.
My approach to chronic pain counseling, which is deeply influenced by Hakomi, focuses on increasing somatic (body-centered) awareness. With the Hakomi lens, we see the body as a reservoir of information and stored experiences, which include physical symptoms, as well as psychological and emotional content. 

Have you really looked at the many layers of how you experience the pain in your body? 

This question is one of the most important places to begin the journey of healing when you start chronic pain counseling. It’s a very eye-opening experience. When you’re able to isolate the sensation of pain with guidance from another experienced individual, literally a whole world of subtlety can unfold. And not all of it is “difficult.”  

Obviously, in this process it’s always important that you have proper medical attention and rule out any underlying medical conditions that need to be addressed before beginning chronic pain counseling. But if you only address your body with a medical intervention, it’s rare that you will be able to fully heal the root cause of your condition.

If you are...

  • In pain that’s preventing you from living your life to its fullest potential.
  • Experiencing a recent accident and are unsure of the lasting impact.
  • Suffering from long-term chronic pain from an accident in your past.
  • Feeling you have postural, alignment, or structural issues that cause pain.
  • Having regular head, neck or back discomfort.
  • Struggling from whiplash that won’t resolve.
  • Bothered by sciatica.
  • Living in a constant state of any form of physical discomfort.

...then you’ve come to the right place for chronic pain counseling.

How I work in tandem with you to help you heal...

After a traumatic event, there are physiological, mental, and emotional levels that need to be addressed in order to resolve the trauma in the nervous system. If you have experienced any form of trauma and haven’t resolved it, it could be leading to increased pain and/or discomfort.
As a body-centered therapist with a strong background in psychology, therapeutic massage, mindfulness, neuroscience, and trauma, I focus on the entire system. This includes the physiological components, as well as attention to the psychosomatic, psycho-emotional, belief systems and energetic patterns in your mind and body.
In collaboration, you and I will begin to tease apart these different aspects of your system. Many times, my clients will discover underlying root causes of their particular challenge, restriction or pain. When you start recognizing ALL of the origins of the pain, you can also see the movement and holding patterns in your body, allowing them to unravel where your pain is stuck.
This approach leads clients towards much longer lasting, if not permanent, relief from physical pain, restriction, and self-limiting patterns and beliefs.
Through my own experience with chronic neck and lower back pain, I found a direct correlation between my emotional / psychological world and the physical experience in my body. Once I realized this stark correlation between my mind and body, real healing began to take place. As I started to improve my psychological well-being and emotional intelligence, my body started responding and my pain started going away!                        
From my experience working with clients and chronic pain, I recognize that while chronic pain counseling is often very effective for many clients, there are also times that an integrative approach can be what is needed. To that end, I have also created my Somatic Re-patterning Approach™  to chronic pain. This approach is a unique and powerful alternative for those that are looking for an even more somatic approach to working with pain. 

The good news is that you do not have to let chronic pain be in the driver's seat anymore. You can get back to making life decisions without always having to see if your pain will interfere. With my unique, holistic approach to chronic pain counseling, I will support you in finding an effective strategy to treat your pain.

Here are a lists of outcomes that people report after our work together:

  • Long-term relief from a chronic pain.
  • The knowledge and power to relate the pain in a healthy and productive way.
  • More freedom in your daily life. 
  • Heal the traumatic experiences from the original event or injury.
  • Shift and release beliefs that maintain patterns of distress in the body.
  • Self-regulating your own nervous system. 
  • Take back control of your life!
I’ve been receiving somatic work for over 20 years, and in all that time I’ve never had an experience quite like working with Scott. He approached the situation that was happening in my body in the moment with utter kindness, clear attention, and a willingness to move exactly at the pace of what was unfolding. This allowed my soma to open up, reveal, and release trauma that had been held tight for years, with far-reaching effects on my life.
— Alex Gorden-Brander