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Vision Quest and Nature Based Work - Boulder, CO - Scott Lilleston

“Within the connection we have to the natural world, we discover one of the most important places to explore our inner wisdom and intuition.”  - Scott Lilleston

Embarking on a Vision Quest is something that, more often than not, chooses us rather than something we choose. There is a time in everyone’s life when there is a calling from deep within that says it is time for something new, time for something to change.

Often, this realization comes from a place of discomfort or unease.

When the calling comes, it may not be discernable, but certainly recognizable.  The discomfort often persists until we heed the call.

Are you feeling?

  • Lost or stuck.
  • That there is something bigger you should be doing but it remains out of reach.
  • A spiritual crisis or moving towards a spiritual emergence.
  • You cannot find your voice.
  • That something is holding you back.
  • You already know what your calling is but you just can't seem to gain traction.
  • Anxiety or depression that does not make sense to you.
  • Struggle in your relationships.
  • Deep grief due to major loss and you can’t imagine how this grief will end.
  • You've tried many things that you thought would help, including therapy, yet nothing has worked thus far.

I understand this deeper calling and longing you’re having from personal experience. From that place of understanding, I have dedicated myself to supporting and guiding you through this journey and I would be honored to do so.

Vision Quest - Boulder, CO - Scott Lilleston

I found myself cracked open in nature where I learned what gifts I had to share with the world. Nature revealed to me the immense potential for change we all have, and through the power of a Vision Quest you can also harness that potential to create the change that you want in your life.

Through years of personal experience, training, and mentorship with elders and teachers, both in traditional and contemporary versions of this time-honored Rite of Passage, I have discovered a form of Vision Quest that includes the right balance between our modern lifestyle, traditional forms and psychology.

While the Vision Quest is a very unique journey for every individual, here are some common experiences people report:

  • Clarity of purpose.
  • Release of tethers from one's history and old patterns that have held them back.
  • Renewed vows and commitments to others and themselves.
  • Deeper understanding of connection to nature and spirit.
  • A sense of belonging in the world as a whole and in their communities.
  • Self-empowerment.
  • Stronger connection to lineage and ancestors.
  • Seeing one’s own basic goodness and the goodness of others.

What would my Vision Quest look like?

Your ceremony will begin months prior to your solo time on the land. In reality, your ceremony begins the minute you hear the calling and realize this is something you want to do!

A Vision Quest consists of a three stage process in order to effectively facilitate your journey. 


Before you enter your sacred space on the land, we will spend several sessions together for planning and designing your specialized ceremony.

You will also begin to:

  • Clarify your intentions and purpose
  • Descend into ceremonial space mentally, spiritually, and physically


Your sacred time on the land, connected to the natural world, will be guided and facilitated by me personally up to the time you begin your solo and also upon your return. This is your time and I will hold this sacred space for you in many ways, including:

  • Helping you define and design your individualized ceremony
  • Learning the skill of conversing with the unseen world
  • Connecting to your ancestral lineage, and more!


One of the most important aspects of this process will be your integration back into your daily life. Shortly after your solo time and ceremony on the land we will do an integration session that will include:

  • Debriefing both the subtle as well as obvious experiences from the ceremony.
  • Tracking what was felt and learned while on the land.
  • Creating an action plan of how you can bring these new experiences into your everyday life. 

If you are here reading this, something is calling out to you.! Feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to consult with you to determine if this is the appropriate next step for you. 

Scott proves to be a trusted guide who not only assists me in tuning in to my embodied experience, but also holds a sacred space where integration and healing occur naturally.
— Lisa G
We’re being summoned by the world itself to make many urgent changes to the human project, but most central is a fundamental re-visioning and reshaping of ourselves, a shift in consciousness.
— Bill Plotkin